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轻松猫 中文分级读物 Smart Cat Graded Chinese Readers (6 Levels)

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Definitely my favourite graded readers of all!

This is a lovely set of Graded Chinese Readers meant for absolute beginners of the language, and especially tailored to second-language learners with zero foundation.

Features that we love 

  • Gentle and colourful illustrations - the gentlest and most attractive of all readers I've ever come across!
  • Relatable topics, close to daily life - that kids can identify with. My toddler was attracted to the cats and dogs within!
  • Montessori-friendly - Almost all of the books are based on reality, which I really appreciate!
  • Big black bold standard font for Chinese characters against a plain background - easy to read. Font choice is extremely important!
  • Hanyu pinyin available to aid readers (and their parents!) - this really builds and boosts confidence! Reduces barrier to reading Chinese books for sure
  • Bilingual - has English translation at the back of each book
  • Audio narration via QR code to scan - the read-alouds are well-paced, with a lovely cheerful narrator, I enjoy listening with my kids
  • Some books are put into songs - Kudos to the team for putting the words of the books into familiar tunes, it's fun to sing

Books within

  • Level 1 (Set of 8)
  • Level 2 (Set of 8)
  • Level 3 (Set of 10)
  • Level 4 (Set of 10)
  • Level 5 (Set of 10)
  • Level 6 (Set of 10)

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