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漫画唐诗 Tang Poetry In Pictures (Set of 3)

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I've always been looking for ways to make Chinese literature accessible and interesting for my kids, so I was really excited to find this title recently!

Classic Chinese literature may be intimidating for many of us, with its complex sentence structures and deep meaning. This book is a great reference for us parents to explore the beauty of the Chinese language in poetry, being equipped with hanyu pinyin and with English translation as well! 

There are 25 Tang poems in this book, selected based on their difficulty level.

Every poem comes with

  • Comics
  • Hanyu pinyin of actual poem text
  • Short write-up of the background of the poet, and main gist of poem
  • Simple Chinese explanation of phrases and entire poems
  • English translations of phrases and entire poems
  • Related Chinese idioms or expressions, to add depth to learning and to teach values

 Suggested extension activities paired with poems:

  • 李绅的《悯农》
    • Buy, cook, eat rice or rice-related dishes
    • Watch a documentary on rice planting etc.
  • 骆宾王《咏鹅》
    • Do a swan craft
    • Visit the swans at the Singapore Botanical Gardens
    • Listen to Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, maybe watch the ballet performance online if you're interested
  • 王维的《相思》
    • Learn to identify saga trees, saga pods
    • Check out a map of saga trees in Singapore! Pick saga seeds from a tree near you
    • Maybe make an art piece using saga seeds and glue
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Sharing one of my favourite poems as part of Nom Nom November Project #funplaywithchinese X #mandarinagainstallodds 《悯农》 李绅 锄禾日当午,chú hé rì dāng wǔ 汗滴禾下土。hàn dī hé xià tǔ 谁知盘中餐,shéi zhī pán zhōng cān 粒粒皆辛苦。lì lì jiē xīn kǔ Bilingual explanation from 《漫画唐诗》 农夫在烈日下耕地种禾苗, The farmer tills the land to grow rice under the noon sun. 一颗颗汗水,滴在禾苗的土地上。 His sweat keeps dripping onto the soil. 有谁知道碗盘里的每一粒米饭, Who knows that rice that feeds, 都是农夫辛苦耕种得来的? Is the fruit of hard toil? Inspired by Wenqi @journey_2happiness, we revisited this poem related to rice, which is a major staple food for Chinese, as well as half the global population. We recited this poem and shared the meaning of the words and chatted over lunch. Every Monday is porridge day for our family! Easy for me to put together using our trusty thermal pot and loved by the kids. Pictured is a quick one-pot porridge with frozen chicken stock, frozen minced beef and some fresh spinach leaves. Some dishes and condiments that we love with porridge: - Omelette - Minced pork with minced garlic, and dark soya sauce +/- small tofu cubes - Minced pork with Thai basil leaves, with minced garlic - Canned 菜心, taste of my childhood - Canned peanuts - Stir fried green leafy veggies - Fried garlic - Fried shallots - Pork or beef patties, +/- shredded potato, corn kernels, plain flour, optional: egg - Teriyaki Chicken thighs with minced garlic - Pan fried Batang fish (Since our baby is allergic to eggs to the point of anaphylaxis - I'll fry her meat patties without egg as binder first, and then those with egg for the rest of the family. Egg dishes are always prepared last!) Open Invitation - Join us on our Nom Nom November Project #funplaywithchinese X #mandarinagainstallodds with @mystorytreasury @jaslearningwithkids @chinesekidlit @forthekidsg @heartfeltmakan @kyototeng @lindas.leung @msshawnfan @playfullschoolhouse 🛒《漫画唐诗》available on How do you like your porridge? Let me know in the comments!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Yuhan Lin
Makes Tang Poetry much less mundane esp for comic lovers!

My 5yo boy totally enjoyed it as it was more easily understood as he dived straight into the comic strips next to the poem. Also helpful was the HYPY that was easier for him to decipher the pronunciation on his own after I read to him a couple of times. Highly recommended!

Love this!

I love how the simple translations and illustrations clearly explain the Tang poems. A great resource for me to learn alongside my son. Very fortunate to have scored this during the sale! Even though it's marked down due to it being slightly dented, it's in a very good condition!

Audrey Lim
Great Resource for Parents!

As I seek to improve my mandarin language abilities and expand my vocabulary so that I can speak it with my young children, I wanted to look for resources I could read for myself and was keen on learning some Tang poems. These books provide rich poems with clear and fun explanations through comics and in English. I find that copying out a few poems a day also helps me retain the new words and expressions better. Eventually, I hope to read these poems with my children or share them when the occasion arises (e.g. if we encounter a saga seed tree, or swans at the Botanic Gardens!)


We are in the first book (低幼版) and is having so much fun with the poems. The kids love the illustrations and there's currently a friendly competition on who can remember the complete poems 😂 Recommended for families looking to introduce simple 唐诗 to the kiddos!

Vishal Melwani
Poetry made fun

We were looking for an easy way to introduce Tang Dynasty poetry when we came across these excellent books. With pinyin support and bilingual cartoons to explain the meaning - this set is a winner.