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100层的巴士 The Hundred Decker Bus

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All aboard for an amazing adventure! Every day, the bus driver finishes his cup of tea, puts on his jacket, and sets off on his route. Every day, the man with the big red tie gets on at the roundabout, the lady with the pram gets on at the library, and the noisy children get on at Clover Drive.

But what if one day the driver turned down a new and exciting road, and picked up new and exciting people? So many people that the bus simply wouldn't be big enough? Well, they would only be one solution . . . A bright, bold, and funny book that will delight both child and adult alike.

Recommended for Ages: 4-6
Pages: 30
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese

Additional resources:

  • Audio narration.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
One of his favorites

This is one of my 2yo's favorite books. Although he cannot sit through the entire book (he likes the starting, map, page where the bus broke down...engine exploding, the fold out page, and the ending) he gets the gist of the story and is most excited when the bus breaks down and passengers (including himself) board the colorful hot air balloons. (He'll pick one that he likes for the day.) And he's picked up the phrase "大冒险” from the book..

An enjoyable read

Enjoyable book for my kids for a period of time.
Extends our learning to bus rides and also building our own different levels of buses using magnetic tiles.

Jillian Toh
More suitable for slightly older children

Many words in the story that are quite difficult to read! My 3 year old did not have patience for this book, and only loves flipping to the page where there is a fold-out of a 100 layer bus. Hopefully older kids can sit through reading this book.

Thank you Jillian for sharing your experience with this book. Glad to know that the fold-out page captured his attention. Hope that in the near future, your child will take to this book more! Thank you for your repeated support through the years!

Jena Lim
More than just a book about buses!

This book talks about how a bus driver got tired of his daily routine, and decided to go on an adventure taking a route that he's never been on before. It's about being spontaneous, having an adventurous spirit, teamwork, creativity and taking the path less travelled.

Beautiful, detailed illustrations on what each layer of the bus looks like - there's also a page with a map and another showing the whole 100-decker bus that spans 4-5 pages long!

A great follow-up activity would be to go on a spontaneous trip with your child! We love going to bus interchanges and hopping onto random buses, and just see where it brings us to :) My 4.5yo has a lot of fun with such spontaneous trips, and he gets to practice decision making too so he feels really proud whenever we visit new places that we've never been to because he was the one who led us there.

Grace Tan
Interesting and imaginative story

It’s a story which requires Quite a bit of imagination. The bus goes on an adventure as the driver decides to take a different route. Unfortunately my son prefers the bus to have a definite destination and not just going along without an end in sight. So I would say that I actually enjoyed the book more than him!