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神奇校车 桥梁书 The Magic Schoolbus Bridging Books (Set of 20)

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Explore many branches of science like geology, meteorology, astronomy, paleontology and more, with Ms Frizzle and her class of students in their Magic Schoolbus!

Perfect for inquisitive and imaginative kids.
What I love about this set:
  • Introduces Science concepts through interesting stories
  • Sentences are short and use relatively simple language, apart from the scientific terms
  • Many topics covered! There's bound to be something that a child can relate to.
  • Versatile to suit various attention spans and reading durations.
    The main storyline is in little boxes on each page,
    and there are many speech bubbles and thought bubbles around with conversational language by the kids or Ms Frizzle.
    We can read as little, or go into as much detail as desired!
  • I also particularly like that the students' science journaling notes are included in every book - it's a fabulous way to model and encourage kids to write in Mandarin
  • At the back of each book, there is a page that expands a little more on a Scientific concept and introduces some terminology in Mandarin,
    for the times when my kids are interested in the topic,
    and I can jump in, support them and extend our learning!
    Sometimes we take a bit of time to go through and try to tally the terms with what we know in English, honing our translating skills!

    For example, in 《疯狂的树叶旅行》The Magic School Bus and the Wild Leaf Ride - we learn that green plants contain 叶绿素 yè lǜ sù chlorophyll, by using 光能 guāng néng light energy, they convert 二氧化碳 èr yǎng huà tàn carbon dioxide and 水 shuǐ water into food and release 氧气 yǎng qì oxygen. This process is called 光合作用 guāng hé zuò yòng photosynthesis!
    I'm definitely learning right along with them.
Titles included:
  • 《疯狂的树叶旅行》The Magic School Bus and the Wild Leaf Ride
  • 《雪野迷踪》The Magic School Bus Lost in Snow
  • 《飞离鸟巢》The Magic School Bus Flies From the Nest
  • 《月球漫步》The Magic School Bus Takes a Moonwalk
  • 《北极探险》The Magic School Bus Arctic Adventure
  • 《体验心脏》The Magic School Bus Has A Heart
  • 《像螃蟹一样爬》The Magic School Bus Gets Crabby
  • 《与恐龙一起飞翔》The Magic School Bus Flies with Dinosaurs
  • 《丢失的牙齿》The Magic School Bus And the Missing Tooth
  • 《乘风飞翔》The Magic School Bus Rides the Wind
  • 《第一次感恩节》The Magic School Bus At the First Thanksgiving
  • 《建造自由女神像》The Magic School Bus At the First Thanksgiving
  • 《经历暴风雨》The Magic School Bus Weathers the Storm
  • 《飞向太空》The Magic School Bus Weathers the Storm
  • 《冬眠》The Magic School Bus Sleeps for the Winter
  • 《在蝙蝠洞里》The Magic School Bus in a Bat Cave
  • 《回收利用》The Magic School Bus Gets Recycled
  • 《困在网中》The Magic School Bus Gets Caught In a Web
  • 《鲨鱼奇遇》The Magic School Bus and the Shark Adventure
  • 《战胜病菌》The Magic School Bus Fights Germs



Recommended for Ages: 4 and up
Pages: 32 per book
Number of books in set: 20
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: Joanna Cole
Translated from: English
Translated by: 施芳

Customer Reviews

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Great series!

I bought these books for my 3yo son who loves vehicles. I was worried that they would be too difficult for him, but they are not too difficult and he loves them! The magic school bus features on many pages to help catch his attention. The storyline is also kept simple so that he can follow easily. For example, in the book where they go to the moon, one of the student's father drops into the crater and they rescue him. It is also helpful for teaching science concepts. Would definitely recommend!