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我会上厕所 男孩版 + 女孩版 The Potty Book for Boys and Girls

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Looking for a resource to help your toddler in potty training?
Here's a book that will help!

We love this series because

  • illustrations are gentle and colourful
  • there is a little boy or girl for our toddlers to learn from and mimic - it's great to have a role model
  • it's relatable - the books mention taking off diapers, not making it to t1he potty in time, reading or singing while on the potty, even buying underwear
  • it breaks down the steps that make up the potty routine, to nurture independence
  • it's a great book to read anytime of day, even while on the potty!
  • shares potty training from a child's perspective. Both books are exactly the same, except that one features a boy Henry (in the blue book) and the other features a girl Hannah (in the pink book) - so feel free to get whichever one applies for your child who is learning to use the toilet!
  • features positive messages of perseverance and accepting mistakes - the parents do not chide the child when he or she has  a pee accident

Recommended for Ages:1-4
No. of Books: 20
Pages: 32 per book
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese 
Author: Alyssa Satin Capucilli
Illustrator: Dorothy Stott

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