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想看海的乌龟 The Turtle Who Wanted To See The Sea

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"想看海的乌龟" is a heartwarming and inspiring book
that tells the story of a determined turtle
on a mission to see the ocean.
Despite facing numerous obstacles and challenges along the way,
the turtle's unwavering determination and perseverance
is a testament to the power of never giving up on one's dreams.

This book is a great choice for readers of all ages
who are seeking a story that
celebrates the strength of the human (or in this case, animal) spirit.

What we love about this book:

  • Interesting storyline that keeps us reading and rooting for the turtle!
  • Mentions the 4 seasons, and has lots of nature elements within
  • Lovely collage art-style illustrations (that reminds us of Eric Carle)
  • Inspire us to create pictures in similar style too
  • Reminds us that it's important to be resilient, persistent and pursue our passions
  • It's so precious that this story was created by a class of 5 year old kindergarten students! This was the top entry to a competition held by the publisher in honour of Eric Carle and his amazing collage art. This definitely inspires our littles ones to be artists and writers just like them!

I once read this book by a pond
to a group of kids across different ages,
and they really enjoyed the story!
We also did a turtle craft
and it was a nice prop for the kids to remember and retell the story on their own.

It is a powerful reminder that no matter how difficult the journey may seem,
the destination is always worth striving for!

Recommended for Ages: 2-6
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 宋庆龄幼儿园2012年草莓5班

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