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穿内裤的狼 The Wolf in Underpants (Set of 5)

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A gripping yet funny story with lots of details to pore over,
and philosophical undertones that we can delve deeper with our kids on repeated readings!

This is quite a gem considering how kid-friendly it is!

We finished the books within the first two days of opening them,
and my kids happily re-read the stories,
each time, discussing different things on various levels.

Love the opportunities for back-and-forth conversations through these books.


  • Humorous story with suspense that keeps kids coming back for more
    (my 4, 8 and 10 year olds enjoy it)
  • Has less text in speech / thought bubbles and environmental print within the story too, that can be fun for kids to read aloud
  • Books 1-4 each contain a philosophical discussion based on the story.
    Includes post-reading responses from children/tweens/teens from China as well, to encourage us to reflect on what we read!
    I really love how deep our discussions can get just by reading children's books (:
  • Book 5 is an activity book (see below)

Titles included:

  1. 狼的真相 The Wolf in Underpants

    Introducing Wolf and the forest animals who are all afraid of him! They exchange rumours of how he has teeth like garden hoes, frightening eyes and messy fur - instilling much fear amongst all. Later on, Wolf appears quite comically in red-and-white stripey underpants, challenging their idea of what wolves are like.

    Reflection: We need to understand differences, rethink stereotypes and reflect whether our decisions are driven by fear.

  2. 失踪谜案 The Wolf in Underpants Freezes His Buns Off

    Winter has come! Wolf hates being cold, he grits his teeth and walks around town angrily. Why is he angry, what's bothering him? The adults send little ones with offerings of peace to Wolf, bringing him warm clothing, and the little ones do NOT return. Oh no, are they gone forever?
    The animals all gather and plan to break into Wolf's house to see what bad deeds he has done, only to discover the kind-hearted Wolf sharing his warm home with lots of animals without shelter from the snow.
    Wolf then shares that not everyone are wealthy enough to have a roof over their heads to protect them from the elements and yummy food in their tummies, and makes sure the animals look out for each other in tough times!

    Reflection: Is it enough to just live happy lives on our own? How important is it to show kindness for others?

  3. 飞行比赛 The Wolf in Underpants at Full Speed

    In the forest, race day has come! However someone has vandalised the posters for the grand race. The animals ask Wolf to get to the bottom of it, and he sets off to find the culprit. Ah, it's a little bird who cannot fly, feeling disgruntled and excluded from the fun. Wolf devises a clever plan to launch it to victory, using his classic striped underpants of course!

    Reflection: What happens when we can't achieve our dreams? Jealousy can rear its ugly head if we leave it unchecked. If we want to achieve something, we can work hard at it!

  4. 工作疑云 The Wolf in Underpants Breaks Free

    Wolf does many helpful deeds for others in the forest, not expecting payment of any sort. His behavior arouses suspicion among some animals that insist that everyone must work, that Wolf is lazy and they put him in prison. The instigator Squirrel along with some naysayers try to gather evidence against the Wolf's lack of industriousness, but find many animals sharing stories of how Wolf has always helped them generously without asking for anything in return.

    Reflection: Why do we work? What gives us happiness? Not all important work brings in income.

  5. 趣味益智游戏书 Activity Book

    Fun activities within, including mazes, colouring pages, filling in of illustrations, connecting the dots, stickers and more!

Review from my 10-year-old boy:


"This series is about a wolf who is often misunderstood to be bad. 
As we read, we realise that he's actually not trying to scare the animals in the forest. In fact, he is very kind to everyone when he can!
The funniest page is when the wolf admits that the reason why he howls at night
is because his buttock is cold from sitting on a cold rock.
Recommended for Ages: 6-12
No of books in set: 4
Pages: about 36-44 per book
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: Wilfrid Lupano 
Illustrator: Paul Cauuet
Translated from: French
Translated by: 法小珂

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