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亮丽精美触摸书 Touch and Feel Animals (Set of 4)

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This is a wonderful touch-and-feel series featuring animals in the wild,
that is frequently enjoyed by my kids!

Titles included in the series:

  • 小兔比利 Billy Bunny
  • 小水獭奥斯卡  Oscar Otter
  • 小猫头鹰奥奇 Ozzy Owl
  • 小熊波比 Bobby Bear

What we love about this series

  • illustrations are gorgeous and realistic
  • featuring 25 animals
  • lovely textures for little ones to explore that are really quite true-to-life (this is a hit for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and even for my primary school aged kids!) and invite kids to interact with the book!
  • provides interesting sensory stimulation, and helps children put a name to textures they feel and details they see, and these can be used to describe other experiences too. Examples include
    • 老木头的树皮是粗粗的 rough bark on the old log
    • 柔软的羽毛 soft feathers
    • 光滑闪亮的金鱼 shiny goldfish
    • 滑溜溜的鳞片 slippery scales
  • large illustrations - a treat for the eyes
  • board book with rounded corners and non-standard outline - sturdy and safe for little hands, interesting too!
  • fully bilingual - we can enjoy the stories in both English and Mandarin, and learn the terms in both languages
  • large readable text - easy for group reading and sharing
  • nurtures appreciation of nature
  • thoughtful questions to encourage interaction with the story and sensory elements. Especially for parents who need help to make storytime more engaging
  • toddlers and preschoolers can practise one-one-one correspondence while counting!
  • can be part of quiet time basket (if child drops naps), calming corner or sensory corner!

Suggested extension activities:

  • Visit a pet and pat it
  • Gather several items around the house with various textures for the child to touch, and if appropriate, describe
  • Gather some recycled items with various textures, and paste them on a board for the child to explore

Conversation starters

  • What animals have you seen before?
  • Which is your favourite texture?
  • How does this texture make you feel?
  • What other things have the same texture?
  • What colours do you see on this page?

Recommended ages: Newborn and up
No. of pages: 10 per book
No. of books in set: 4
Format: Board book with rounded corners
Author/Design: The Templar Company
Illustrator: Maurice Pledger / Bernard Thornton
Translated from: English
Language: Bilingual - English and Simplified Chinese

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