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中国传统节日故事绘本 Traditional Chinese Festivals (Set of 10)

  • $19.90

What are the major Chinese traditional festivals? How did they come about?

Find out the answers with this set of Chinese picture books on the 10 famous Chinese traditional festivals including Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), Mid-Autumn Festival, and Dragonboat Festival. Each book comes with Hanyu Pinyin.

Listen to the book read aloud by scanning the QR code behind. 

Recommended for Ages: 3-9
No. of Books: 10
Pages: 20 each
Format: Paperback
Language: Simplified Chinese with Hanyu Pinyin. Get audio by Scanning the QR Code behind the book

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Customer Reviews

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We haven’t read it yet :)

This bookset is perfect for the festive season now!
中国传统节日故事绘本 (10册)

An easy-to-read chinese books with han yu pinyin about the Chinese heritage and festivals. I like its simple explanation about the culture; its illustrations and font which makes reading and learning effortless and pleasant.

Thanks Ai Lyn for your review! Glad you liked the books and the contents. Hope to send more books your way soon!