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汽车嘟嘟嘟系列 Vehicles Go Beep Beep! (Set of 10)

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This will be right up a vehicle lover's alley!

The author and illustrator brings to life everyday scenes in our modern world. Storyline is heartwarming, and full of interesting details to explore. My absolute favourite would be the book 快来!一起盖房子 - it is so cool to see the process of erecting a building from start to finish!

Fun fact: The author and illustrator are husband and wife in real life.

 Titles include:

  • 叮咚!公共汽车
  • 出发!坐车去海边
  • 谢谢你!快递车
  • 咔嚓!挖掘机
  • 来!大家一起修马路
  • 加油!警车
  • 快来!大家一起修马路
  • 加油!警车
  • 快来!一起盖房子
  • 呜!火车来啦
  • 快快快!救护车
  • 辛苦了!垃圾车


Recommended for Ages: 2-6
No. of Books: 10
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 竹下文子
Illustrator: 铃木守


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Li Ling
Lovely series, would recommend

I bought this for my 2.5yo son who loves vehicles. I was abit worried that it would be too difficult for me to read to him (as my Chinese is really not good), but the series turned out to be a hit with him. Some nights I have to read the police car book a few times before he sleeps. The illustration and details are beautiful. Would definitely recommend this for children who love cars!

Ames Chen
Beautiful Details

Love how the illustrations keep giving. Each time we read, we discover something new! We love this series so so much!

Beautiful illustrations, Everyday stories

I love this collection. My 3 year old loves pointing out the many vehicles in the different illustrations. The stories are simple, everyday encounters so it makes it easy to connect the situations to real life. I know this set will have great mileage in our library.

Ames Chen
Most amazing attention to detail!

If you sat and read the WHOLE series back to back, you would realise its telling ONE single story. Amazing buiild up. The road works / the bakery / the house etc. I love how the illustrator played such attention to beautiful details. Right down to the shadows! An amazing transport series!

Not to mention the onomatopeia one can only acheive in Mandarin. Definitely a keeper!