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歪歪兔 语言表达课 Waiwai Rabbit Language Expression Class (Set of 4)

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Does your child have lots of things to say,
but not sure how to express well?
Or do we have something we wish to express in Mandarin,
but we're unable to say it in a descriptive and captivating way?

This set of books is excellent for helping us
(yes, kids and adults alike)
to improve on our oral expression!

Eventually, these will be very helpful in our children's academic compositions!
Rather than cramming just for the sake of exams,
wouldn't it great to slowly learn these descriptive phrases and
incorporate them into our daily speech,
to help us be better communicators in Mandarin?

We also like this bookset, as it teaches us how to interact with others respectfully and to use our words to lift others up, not tear them down!

This set of 4 includes:

  1. 我会丰富地用词 I Can Use Descriptive Language
    linking words,
    measure words,

  2. 我会生动地说话 I Can Speak Vividly
    Describing appearance, extent, details
    Analogy, exaggeration, making lists
    Involving the senses - taste, see, hear, touch, smell, think
    Using expressions and body language

  3. 我会清晰地沟通 I Can Communicate Clearly
    Communicating in different settings like playing group games, when we're rushing to do something
    Getting calm when we're upset or angry, before communicating
    What to say when we need to ask for help, want to borrow something, apologise
    Times we need to speak softly or loudly 
    To listen before we speak - pay attention to others, don't interrupt

  4. 我会精彩地表达 I Can Express Myself Brilliantly
    What is public speaking?
    How to stay on topic
    Don't make rude jokes that make others uncomfortable
    How to prepare for public speaking
    How to walk on stage, interact with audience, use actions 
    What to do when we're nervous on stage

Recommended for Ages: 1 and up
Pages: 144
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 歪歪兔童书馆

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