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拼音真好玩 Pinyin is Fun (Set of 6)

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A set of 6 books to learn all about hanyu pinyin and establish a strong foundation.

Especially recommended for Kindergarten 2 and Primary 1 students to learn Hanyu Pinyin in a fun way!

What we like about this set:

  • Adorable illustrations
  • Visual associations to help remember the pinyin and tones
  • Step-by-step progression:
    Learn the individual letter sounds first,
    then progress to introduce tones and pinyin rules,
    followed by stroke sequence and sounding out of pinyin

Set includes:

  • 4 books to learn Pinyin
    • 韵母火车出发啦
    • 声母来当指挥官
    • 复韵母的小秘密
    • 整体认读帮帮忙
  • 2 books to practise Pinyin applied to various scenarios
    • 热热闹闹动物城 (related to daily life)
    • 欢迎来到一年级 (related to school)
  • A big folded pinyin chart covering all possible combinations 

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Customer Reviews

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Jena Lim
Learn about hanyu pinyin in a fun way!

Illustrations are really cute and relatable for kids, bought this in advance because I feared it might be out of stock :X I find the pictures make it a very fun way to learn about hanyu pinyin, compared to traditional worksheets/flashcards, for example. Would require adult supervision whereby the adult is familiar with hanyu pinyin as it would help the child to understand and pick up the correct pronunciation!

You're absolutely right that adult involvement is needed, to reinforce the right pronunciation! Kids these days are so blessed to have such engaging materials to learn!