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魔法汉字 Magical Chinese Characters Interactive Card Game

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Have you heard about Radicals 偏旁部首?
They are the most fundamental building blocks of Chinese characters.
Examples include 氵三点水 sān diǎn shuǐ
and 讠言字旁 yán zì páng,
and when each are added
to the radical 青 qīng,
we get 清 qīng and 请 qǐng respectively.

Understanding how radicals can be combined
to form many different complex / secondary characters
is essential in understanding and learning more Chinese characters.

Recently I've done some research and curated an amazing resource
with tons of mileage and many ways to use,
to help build a great foundation of Mandarin for our children.

There are many versions in the market with various types and functions,
not all sets are created equally.
We chose one of the very best to bring in!

魔法汉字 Magical Chinese Characters Interactive Card Game
comes with 247 cards

  • 206 张偏旁卡 Radical Cards
    • includes Radical
    • arrow(s) showing the possible position(s) that the radical can be at
    • special things to note eg 鱼 - if the radical is on the left, the 横 is changed to a 提
  • 7 张惊喜卡 Surprise Cards - Exchange cards with another player etc
  • 16 张碰碰卡 Special Cards - with 79 radicals. Use any radical on the card to match
  • 18 张惩罚卡 Forfeit Cards - Perform a task on the card, if you can't, have to do a fun forfeit!

Different ways to use these cards:

  • This is really awesome for primary school children to learn how we can combine radicals to create words
    - parental guidance needed.
    We may not be using all the cards in the set at one go, but it's still valuable!
  • Note: The fullness of the game aspect is more suitable for upper primary ages and up, till adulthood.

Why we love these cards at MST:

  • Radicals are a powerful way to learn about how Chinese characters are formed.
  • Perfect for visual and kinesthetic learners - as manipulatives, to do the physical action of combining radicals into different words.
  • We can easily see the connections between words,
    and can extend the learning of one radical to many related characters

Suitable for ages 6-99

This set of cards pair very well with other resources about radicals and learning to read:

👀 Additional goodies you get when purchasing from MST:

💡 Reference sheet of 10 basic radicals 偏旁部首 with hanyu pinyin, their meanings and 30 related words to explore, aligned with Singapore Ministry of Education #欢乐伙伴 syllabus 😎
💡 List of ways to maximise the use of this set for beginners

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Great visual and tangible material!!

    It’s revolutionary in learning Chinese!! Makes so much sense when the word is broken down visually and tangibly. Compared to the usual flash cards of a complete word, it’s like a “puzzle” that my girl can piece her own Chinese word.

    Magical Chinese Characters card

    It is a fantastic card game to introduce different Chinese characters to a child. Learning Chinese became easier! My boy said Chinese is so interesting!

    魔法汉字 Magical Chinese Characters Interactive Card Game

    My boys were really excited to piece together chinese words with the various radicals! It helps to also break down new words that they are learning so that they can remember it better. Been looking for something like this and so glad to find it!

    Annabelle Phua
    Well-thought cards of very good quality (and an adorable mascot). My kids LOVE it!

    Totally ecstatic I got this set of cards. Chinese learning has been stagnant for a while but there's something about this set that attracted the kids. It could be the metal tin, or the adorable monkey mascot (which got a lot of attention) from the kids, or the good quality of the card which is of a good size, the 4-year-old can hold it well. Very sturdy too.

    So much thought have been put into the creation of the cards - the selection is good, the game cards are attractive and include meaningful activities I can't wait to try. The arrows on the cards are especially useful in indicating where the parts can be. We even revised the various 结构 because of that, which is amazing given how much my P3 dislikes Chinese.

    Even though it's supposed to be a game, it's so versatile as to how it can be used

    1. P3 kid formed words she learnt.
    2. K1 kid searched for words and 部首 she knew then tried to 'write' it in her sketchbook.
    3. As we spot parts of the words that looked familiar, we set them aside to find their 部首。
    4. They spotted similar characters and compared them.
    5. We learnt new words as they made sense of it by putting the parts together.

    And I believe there are even more ways to use it and I can't wait to see what else we would discover!