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从前有个月饼村 Once There Was a Mooncake Village

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This is a super adorable book about mooncakes!
Perfect to read around Mid-Autumn Festival or through the year.

The mooncakes gather! But wait!
The moon is missing?!
Who is the thief?
Let's investigate!

Another amazing work by the author and illustrator of 《小粽子,小粽子》 and 《饺子和汤圆》! If you've enjoyed those books, this will be right up your alley too!

What we like about this book:

  • Adorable storyline and illustrations (suitable for little ones to refer and draw their own mooncakes and little town too)
  • Theme on Chinese cultural food - reading helps kids have more positive associations with our culture and food
  • Learn about the various types of mooncakes and their fillings
  • My kids always go "Ooh" and "Aah" at the special pop-up page with a 3D bus!
  • The story is transformed into a song at the end of the book
  • Little details that captivate kids - My older boys noticed that one of the mooncakes had "Mr Liu" written on its headband, and guessed that the filling was made of durian. They were so delighted to find out that they were right! There is some environmental print in the labels of the mooncakes too, that make for fun reading practice apart from the story text.

Extension activities:

  • Learn about phases of the moon
  • Use Oreo to make the different phases of the moon
  • Draw some mooncake characters, paint a scene from within!
  • Eat some mooncakes! Maybe with some Chinese tea! (Osmanthus and chrysanthemum tea are kids-friendly options)

Recommended for Ages: 2-6
Pages: 44
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author / Illustrator: 卷儿

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